As we each travel along our unique life paths, we all encounter challenges.

Sometimes, challenges can feel like barriers, and we get stuck.
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
- Mary Oliver
Life is truly a journey.
I am honored to be able to support individuals as they navigate the journey of life. I have witnessed and experienced the profound transformation and healing that can occur within a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship.

I tailor my approach to suit each person's needs. Since I don't know what path you are on, I can't tell you exactly how therapy would look if we worked together. However, I can tell you this much: I will accept you. I will see the light in you, even when you only see the darkness. I will help you return to the present moment. I will help you (re)discover what feeds your soul.

There is no perfect solution, or therapist, that will work for every person. I know that choosing a therapist can feel overwhelming. I encourage you to spend some time looking over my website to get a sense of who I am. If you like what you read, give me a call to chat. We can decide together whether I'm the right person to accompany you on your journey.

Let's get you moving forward again.
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