Trauma, Anxiety and Stress

In our modern society, our nervous systems have a tendency to become disregulated due to common worries, such as finances or relationships. When this worry is ongoing it can lead to chronic stress and sometimes debilitating anxiety. In more extreme cases, our nervous systems can become disregulated due to disturbing experiences, such as abuse or war, which can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
Many people falsely believe that we have to talk about traumatizing events in order to “get past” them. This is not true, and can actually be retraumatizing in some situations. Each person's experience is unique, so there isn't one solution that will help everyone. 
However, in my experience, I have found the following goals to be helpful in the healing of trauma and the transformation of anxiety and stress:
1) To collaborate with you to create a sense of safety in order to explore your experience.
2) When necessary, to educate you about your symptoms so that you can better understand your experience.
3) To help you to recognize the tools that you already have and developing new tools to use throughout your day.
4) Support you in using mindfulness and body awareness so that you can begin the process of re-regulating your nervous system.